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  • We offer couples discount*

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Does Credit Repair Really Work? 
We often get asked if the dispute process really works. The answer is Yes! How we go about our credit dispute process is what makes all the difference between a promise and a guarantee. 
How Does Credit Repair Work
  • Credit Card Collections

  • Medical Bills

  • Utility Collections

  • Evictions

  • Repossessions

  • Bankruptcy*

  • Hard Inquiries

  • Late Payments

  • Tax Liens

What we do is remove all the negative items off your credit reports by disputing them directly with the credit bureaus on your behalf.
We handle many types of derogatory marks and specialize in the following:
How your Credit is Scored
Your credit scores are based on a variety of things as you see in this chart. Some very important factors to keep in mind when adding new debt is, your ability to pay back within the time you agree to and the amount that is due. Any time you make a payment on time as agreed, it will significantly help your credit scores continue to improve. Be sure to follow our latest tips.

What our Customers are saying


Shaniece Gaddis.jpg

"I had a great experience with them. Great customer service. Explained everything to me in great detail. I recommend alliance credit repair"

Shaniece Gaddis | Bakersfield, CA

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"Within 45 days my husband and I are seeing results already! My husband got 2 accounts deleted from his credit and 1 account deleted from mine, I highly recommend Alliance Credit Repair if you are looking for someone who truly wants to help you and if you want to see fast results!"

Ambie Castro | Bakersfield, CA


"I was very skeptical at first because of all the bad reviews on other credit repair agencies. I've seen great progress with my credit report and scores within the first month of signing up. They are on top of it and communicate very well! Thank you!"

Jacob Barraza | Bakersfield, CA


We are a fully staffed office. Having helped hundreds of individuals, couples get a fresh start at building new credit over 10 years, has accumulated an immense amount of experience and knowledge along with best practices achieving the best possible results for our clients. 


Alliance Credit Repair in California takes great pride in the knowledge, experience and lessons learned in the last 10+ years. There is so much involved when it comes to accurately repairing consumer credit reports. With so many freelancers claiming to repair consumer credit reports, your risk factor has grown significantly in the recent years due to false promises and expectations. 

Our number one priority is customer satisfaction. We understand very well what it means to "get by" with bad credit. Our core staff and founders have all been through situations just like you are in. That is why this service was created. We believe in the credit repair process because it works! We know what we are doing and get results. Here are some highlights of what makes us the better choice.

  • We don't charge Upfront

  • Our Sign up fee is only $99

  • We offer couples discount*

  • Our monthly payments start at $59*

  • Cancel Anytime

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