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What is Credit?

Credit is borrowed money that you can use to purchase goods and services when you need them. You get credit from a credit grantor, whom you agree to pay back the amount you spent, place applicable finance charged, at an agreed-upon time.

There are four types of credit:

Revolving Credit:

With revolving credit, you are given a maximum credit limit, and you can make charged up to that limit. Each month, you carry a balance (or revolve the debt) and make a payment. Most credit cards are a form of revolving credit.

Charge Cards:

While they often look like revolving credit cards and are used in the same way, charge accounts differ in that you must pay the total balance every month.

Service Credit:

You agreements with service providers are all credit arrangements. You receive electricity, cellular phone service, gym membership, etc., with the agreement that you will pay for them each month. Not all service accounts are reported in your credit history.

Installment Credit:

With installment credit, a creditor loans you a specific amount of money, and you agree to repay the money and interest in regular installments of a fixed amount over a set period of time. Car loans and mortgages are two examples of installment credit.

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