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Prepaid Debit Cards, Checking Accounts and Debit Cards

None of these aforementioned items appear on your credit report. Debit cards and checking accounts are really the same thing, as a debit card is like a plastic version of a paper check.

And, a prepaid debit card is really not much more than a re-loadable gift card with fees.

None of the three items are a true extension of credit, as you're only able to spend money that is already either: A) loaded on the card, or B) deposited in an account with a bank or credit union.

There is considerable confusion over prepaid debit cards and credit reporting issue because some of the companies and individuals who are paid to endorse these cards suggest they will help your credit reports and scores, which isn't at all true.

In fact, the credit bureaus now have language in their reporting standard guide that addresses the issue of prepaid debit cards and credit reporting.

It reads, "Do not report prepaid credit cards/gifts cards because the consumer has no credit obligation.

There is, however, one scenario when your checking account could bleed into your credit report: if you have an overdraft protection in the form of an unused installment loan that loan can be reported to the credit bureaus.

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