• Alliance Credit Repair

Credit Karma is always 100% free and they update your report. They also have some interesting features we will talk about later. You may be wondering, "If Credit Karma is really free, how do they make money? Do they sell my information?" No. Rest assured, they don't make money by selling your information, It's against their privacy policy. Are you going to be bombarded with ads?" Simply put, they do generate revenue through advertising partners, but it may not be the kind of advertising you imagine. Rather, their goal is to provide personalized offers that might be helpful to you based on your current credit situation.

Credit Karma recommendations are based on powerful algorithms that find products based on your credit profile. These offers may include refinancing options if you look like you might be overpaying for a loan, or credit cards that could help you optimize your sayings and earnings (just to name a few). You are never under any obligations to take their offers.

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